Outside of Grace

The upcoming inspirational new adult novel by Anna Daugherty.

How far can grace go?

Longing to define herself as more than a pastor’s kid, Ava Sanford seizes the opportunity to study abroad in Scotland for a semester. After leaving Texas and the pressures of her last name behind, she ends up lost in a foreign world of bars and boys, wondering if she somehow left God behind too.

The unflinching story of a pastor’s daughter, her search for identity, and the God who won’t give up on her.

The night of her twentieth birthday leaves her faith in shreds and Ava is forced to return to Texas early. But the shadows of her mistakes follow her, threatening to drive everyone away, including her best friend, Jack Shields.

Carefully researched and reviewed by mental health professionals

After losing both his mother and his football career, Jack keeps his head down, working through college and coasting through life. Only the fear of losing the girl he can’t live without can shake his nonchalance.

Boldly addressing the issues Christian women face today, Outside of Grace balances real struggles with redemptive themes.

Rescuing his best friend from shame and depression will mean risking his security, his friendships, and his faith. He can’t do it alone. Only God can show them both how far grace can go.

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Book Quotes


Where can I buy the book?
It has not been published yet. I am currently seeking representation for the completed novel. Be sure to subscribe to get updates and be one of the first to know when it’s available. Subscribers will also receive a short story epilogue when the book is released.

What inspired you to write this?
The novel was inspired by some of my own experiences with rejection and isolation in college, as well as my travels along the Texas coast and through Scotland. I have also struggled with mental health struggles and, as Ava experiences in the book, when my faith seemed to fail me, it was good friendships and a deeply rooted relationship with God that pulled me through.
Though I have not experienced many of the specific things Ava goes through in the story, I have friends who have gone through similar trauma. Reading Christian novels, I found that many tried to solve complex trauma with a quick prayer and call it a day. I wanted to accurately represent the long, complicated healing process that Christians go through, wrestling with their faith, taking two steps forward and one step back.

Are there any triggers I should be aware of?
While the book avoids gratuitous details, there are depictions of sexual assault and alcoholism. Readers who are sensitive to these topics may want to avoid certain chapters, which will be noted. It is my hope that this novel will bless women who have experienced trauma by showcasing God’s extravagant, unending love for them. I also encourage friends and family of anyone who has experienced trauma to read it, as it offers a glimpse into the mind and body reactions of trauma and the healing process. The book has been reviewed by the co-founder of Mount Horeb House, a Christian counseling center in Austin, TX.

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