Rundle Press

Natural Learning for Preschoolers

Nature-based, play-based guides to help parents find purpose and beauty in every day moments.

I felt lost in early motherhood. The days dragged and I wasn’t sure if I was really accomplishing anything. I felt like I was biding my time until my children were old enough to start home schooling. But I didn’t want to just pass the time. I wanted to make the most of it.

So I started creating weekly themes for our little family by following my daughter’s toddler-level interests and crafting guided learning opportunities around it. We started with the things that catch every toddler’s attention: dinosaurs, puppies, butterflies, etc. It created a rhythm for our days and a sense of purpose in many of the games and activities we were already playing. I fell in love with it and so did my daughter. Soon, I had nearly an entire year’s worth of weekly themes and activities to go with it. Thus, Rundle Press was born.

Rundle units are a guide to intentional play with young children—incorporating sensory play, fine motor, gross motor, and life skills to help them learn about the world around them. Each unit offers sign language, math and science activities, arts and crafts, an alphabet letter to focus on, and more. While designed for 1-4 year olds, the activities are adjustable and flexible for families with children of other ages as well. The units follow many Charlotte Mason principles, incorporating the use of great books, time in nature, and a morning routine that children look forward to. I hope these units bless other families as much as this practice has blessed ours. The units are currently available on Etsy, as well as other seasonal products like quiet time activity books.

“This is exactly what I have been searching for. I love the sample schedule and that it is age appropriate for my 20 month old and my 3 yr old. Was really struggling feeling like I wasn’t giving my kids enough structure in their day and now I feel empowered. Recommend!”

Dorothy, Etsy Reviewer

Activities are almost always taste-safe for even the youngest learners. Introduce concepts like counting, letter recognition, and more through fun activities that feel more like playtime.

Each unit includes at least 10 activities that cover a range of preschool skills, along with a suggested schedule, supply list, reading list, and printables.

Adding structure to the day and introducing guided learning for young children helps stay-at-home moms and dads feel more intentional and purposeful throughout their week while creating moments of connection for families.

“My 3 [year old] and 2 [year old] love the lessons and activities. Seriously, it was very difficult to find something to accommodate this particular age group without getting too overwhelmed by the “lesson plans” and activities. Everything provided was simple, straight forward, and gave me some much needed intentional time with my kids. Highly recommend. Also, the majority of recommended books I was able to find at my local library. Looking forward to purchasing more from RundlePress in the future!”

Jane, Etsy Reviewer

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